Jill Colonna

Jill thought patisserie and macarons were hard to make when she first moved to France, after she fell in love with a Frenchman in her native Scotland. Making the move to Paris in 1993, Jill couldn't speak much French and had never needed to entertain before. Realising her banana surprise with custard from a packet mix was not going to hack it with her French dinner guests, she needed to improve her culinary skills tout de suite in order to impress. Over the years she has gained confidence by learning cookery tricks from her French friends and family. As a busy working mum, Jill began to make patisserie as a hobby - partly as a challenge, and partly for her budget. Calling herself a "lazy gourmet", she loves exploring ways to make impressive-looking treats without spending too much time or money on them, while keeping the authenticity of pastry's exquisite taste. Previously a professional musician, Jill continues to enjoy playing flute and piano and also conducts chocolate shop and patisserie walking tours around St Germain des Pres in Paris.