Janet Reachfar and Chickabird

By Jane Duncan

Illustrator: Mairi Hedderwick

Format: Paperback

When Tom, George and Janet find a young chicken with a broken leg, they think that they will have to kill it. But then George thinks of a plan to save the chicken. What that plan was, and what came of it, makes an Easter surprise for all the Reachfar folk, including Herself, Janet's grandmother.

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Birlinn Limited

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'We'll have to kill it,' said Tom sadly. 'The flock won't like it, and neither will Herself.' Janet felt terrible. She felt as though she had broken the young chicken's leg. She began to cry. 'Stop crying, for pity's sake, and run along to the house and see what Herself is doing,' ordered George. Janet stopped crying at once, for she could tell that George had thought of a plan to save the chicken. What that plan was, and what came of it made an Easter surprise for all the Reachfar folk. In this third story about a little girl growing up on a remote Highland farm with her dog, Fly, her sometimes fierce grandmother, Herself, and her special friends, the farmhands, George and Tom.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Birlinn Limited
Publication Date 29 Jul 2002
ISBN 9781841582085
Number of Pages 32

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'... will appreciate how the wisdom of the Reachfar grandmother and Janet's sense and spirit have transferred to this picture/ story book which tells how the child ventures beyond bounds for the sake of a snowbound sheep and lamb. Mairi Hedderwick's delicately tinted Scottish hill scenes and interiors show with equal skill, weather, action and personality.'

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