Jan Ellis

Hello readers! What can I tell you about myself? Well, my background is in non-fiction publishing and 'An Unexpected Affair' was the first fiction that I had written since primary school. Fortunately people enjoyed it, so I wrote a second story, called 'French Kisses'. 

NOTE: These two are NOVELLAS, ie. about the length of one of Virginia Woolf's stories, though that is where the comparison ends!

My latest book, 'A Summer of Surprises', revolves around Eleanor Mace, the heroine of 'An Unexpected Affair'. All the stories feature grown-up women dealing with kids and ex-husbands, getting into tricky situations with chaps, drinking too much wine and generally having fun in gorgeous locations.

To discover more, please visit my website: www.janelliswriter.com or follow me on Twitter @JanEllis_writer and Facebook. I look forward to sharing gossip with you there! 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you enjoy the books, please tell your friends and consider adding a short review. I really appreciate your feedback.

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