Islam in Relation to the Christ Impulse

A Search for Reconciliation between Christianity and Islam

By Andrei Younis

Format: Paperback

Explores the origins, beliefs and meanings of Islam and Christianity from the perspective of Rudolf Steiner's spiritual science.

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Islam came into being around AD 600 as a monotheistic, Abrahamic religion revealed through the Prophet Muhammad. Awareness of Islam in the West has grown dramatically in the twenty-first century, but there remains much misunderstanding of the interrelationship between Islam and Christianity, both their commonalities and differences.

Andrei Younis elucidates esoteric reasons behind the emergence of Islam from the perspective of Steiner's spiritual science. He draws on more than thirty years of studying Steiner's work, as well as on first-hand knowledge gained from living in various Islamic countries and cultures. His purpose is to reconcile the origins, beliefs, and meanings of Islam and Christianity. Comprehending this anthroposophic perspective on the emergence of Islam is key to understanding why Islam manifests as it does today.

Whereas this book will be enlightening and even surprising to most open-minded Western readers, it is not meant to be a foundation for beliefs (or non-belief), but as a springboard for thought and new avenues of understanding and compassion in a dangerous time.

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Lindisfarne Books
Publication Date 29 Jan 2016
ISBN 9781584201847

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