Introduction to the Mystery Plays of Rudolf Steiner

By Eileen Hutchins

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Rudolf Steiner Press

Rudolf Steiner Press is an independent publishing company and registered charity. Their editorial brief is to publish books that further spiritual science, or anthroposophy, as founded by the Austrian thinker Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). Their titles are for general readers, with the main focus being on the books and published lectures of Rudolf Steiner. In addition they publish introductory books as well as more specialist research.

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'The great importance of these plays is not that we are given many thoughts to further our understanding of anthroposophy, but that we are shown the transforming power of spiritual striving in individual lives, and especially the development in human relationships through an awareness of the forces of destiny. In this respect the Mystery Plays are unique.' - from the Foreword In writing and producing his Mystery Plays, Rudolf Steiner offered his spiritual observations and concepts from a fresh, artistic perspective. The dramas appeared in the context of the movement of 'Theatrical Realism' - during a period when only a handful of dramatists attempted representations of a spiritual world, and these mostly under the guise of fantasy. In introducing spiritual beings to the stage, and showing their connections with human beings, Steiner was pioneering a drama for the future. Eileen Hutchins' classic work on Steiner's Mystery Plays provides a thoughtful commentary that helps us enter the minds and souls of the characters. Through gaining insights into their relationships and inner lives, and the problems and situations with which they are faced, the characters are brought to life.

Gradually, we begin to see possible solutions to the complex web of their difficulties.

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Format Multiple Formats
Imprint Rudolf Steiner Press
Publication Date 4 Jun 2014
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