Integrative Pain Management

Edited by Diana L. Thompson , Marissa Brooks

Format: Paperback

This book provides an overview of pain mechanisms as currently understood, and details a variety of approaches to pain management used across a wide range of complementary disciplines. A final chapter integrates these body-based and mind-body approaches, and helps the clinician offer the most effective care for the patient.

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Handspring Publishing

Handspring publishes across the entire range of bodywork and manual therapies, including movement – from yoga to fitness. They publish for professionals – for teachers, therapists, and the trainers who run courses for them.

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his text blends current mainstream understanding (such as research, and pathophysiology) of chronic pain and integrative treatment wisdom. It provides both mainstream and CAM practitioners a reference tool to provide good and effective information and clinical decision-making on treatment options for people suffering from chronic pain. The how and why pain is epidemic is discussed. The approach is on the symptoms of pain, and how pain is individually expressed rather than the diagnoses of pain. Diagnoses are often misidentified, misunderstood, or multiple terms exist for a similar or potentially the same condition. To avoid this, the text will instead talk about expressions of pain. Pain anatomy presents the physical underpinnings for the chemical/hormonal, neurological, and soft tissue/fibrotic tissue explanations of pain. In the book visuals and diagrams will help the reader understand the function and dysfunction of pain. The material is grounded in research, providing basic reasoning for the body-based and mind-body approaches as it pertains to the theoretical constructs.The pedagogy is introduced, outlining the relationship between CAM and allopathic healthcare, and patient-centered therapeutic approaches as the frame for clinical decision-making.

A variety of movement modalities and mind-body approaches are discussed and each chapter will include: a. Theoretical approach to treating pain/how the approach addresses current pain theories b. Assessment techniques: interview questions, measurement tools and techniques c. Treatment plan, techniques, modalities d. Self-care approaches e. Re-evaluation, measure of progress f. Supporting literature

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Handspring Publishing
Publication Date 29 Mar 2016
ISBN 9781909141261
Number of Pages 300

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