Ian Donaldson

A Rainbow in the Basement is the debut novel by Ian Donaldson - a Govan boy who dared to dream in Technicolor.

Ian has always loved stories, whether listening to them or telling them, hearing them in songs or finding them in books. Aged 12, he discovered David Bowie and Ray Bradbury, both incredible storytellers.

‘Bowie made me want to be a singer,’ he says. ‘Ray Bradbury made me want to be a writer. Bradbury’s stories are filled with ideas and thoughts and questions; and sometimes answers. Like Bowie, he illuminated a path for me to follow and explore.’

After studying Art & Design in Glasgow, Ian went on to have a successful career in music with Scottish band H20. Songs such as I Dream to Sleep and Just outside of Heaven were hits around the world, with the band appearing on Top Of The Pops. Ian also recorded his version of The Walker Brothers classic The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore. The songs are still being played on the radio today.

Later, Ian had a stint in Four Good Men with members of Simple Minds and Big Country, touring North America, Europe and the UK.

Leonard, a song on H20’s Faith album, was inspired by Ray Bradbury’s short story The Pedestrian. Many years later, thanks to Donn Albright, who worked with the American novelist for over 50 years, Bradbury heard the song and liked it so much that he sent Ian a copy of Dandelion Wine. A note with it said, ‘Thanks for Leonard, Ian. Love it. Ray’. Donn Albright has written a foreword for Ian’s novel.

A Rainbow in the Basement is Ian’s take on how magic affects us and how we deal with its consequences.