Highland Folk Ways

By I.F. Grant

Format: Paperback

This book explores pre-clan history, the formation of clans, the geography of the settlements and the development of farming techniques

and crofting

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Birlinn Limited

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Product Description


This is the classic book on the ancient customs, crafts and techniques of the Scottish Highlands. The past is evoked with a fascinating

blend of historical narrative and detail, with descriptions of the fireplaces and furniture, the creels and cas chroms which were a vital part of

everyday life in the Highland communities, but which have now become strange in the modern world of machinery and technology.

Highland Folk Ways vividly describes the many aspects and artefacts of our ancestors' lives; the clothes, cooking utensils, weapons, food

and the implements for fishing, farming and building are all meticulously depicted and placed in historical context. The book has over 70

illustrations, and is surely the definitive resource book for everyone who wants to rediscover the lifestyle of the clansmen and crofters.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Birlinn Limited
Publication Date 27 Sep 2018
ISBN 9781912476305
Number of Pages 392

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