Franz Schubert

By Paule de Bouchet

Illustrator: Charlotte Voake

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Moonlight Publishing

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An illustrated biography about Schubert's childhood and how he came to become a great composer. The accompanying CD contains recordings of some of his most famous works as well as the narration of the story.

At the age of seven,  Franz Schubert already knew as much about music as his teacher. Did you know that Schubert  was part of a string quartet with his father and two brothers. By the age of fifteen he was already composing piano pieces, string quartets, and even a symphony.

Read about Schubert and listen to his  songs, his chamber music, his piano music and his symphonies. 

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Multiple-item retail product, part(s) enclosed
Imprint Moonlight Publishing
Publication Date 8 Aug 2017
ISBN 9781851034604
Number of Pages 28

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