Frankenstein's Tread

By Jean-Claude Carriere

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Grey Tiger Books

Grey Tiger Books is a small independent press which aims to produce exceptional new works in poetry and fiction, to present for the first time English translations of important European authors and to collaborate with contemporary artists in the creation of new works in print.

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Grey Tiger Books is very proud to present the first English translations of Jean-Claude Carrière's six popular Frankenstein novels which he wrote in the 1950s.

Subsequently one of France's most revered novelists and screenwriters - and collaborator of several luminaries of cinema including Luis Buñuel, Jean-Luc Godard, Louis Malle, and Peter Brook - Carrière produced these half dozen early-career pulp fictions under the publishing house's nom de plume Benoît Becker - a name used by several other such writers in the genres of horror, crime, fantasy and mild erotica.

Carrière's splendidly savage and gloomy tales of the gigantic, razor-toothed, grey-husked, pulseless,yellow-eyed monster - which he has named Gouroull - begin a century or so after the events in Mary Shelley's original novel and trace a grand tour of cunning and vengeful slaughter - aided by a series of venal collaborators - through the frigid extremities of Ireland and Scotland, and beyond into the European continent.

Originally published by Éditions Fleuve Noir under its horror imprint Angoisse (Anguish), Grey Tiger is initially producing the first two volumes - Frankenstein's Tower and Frankenstein's Tread - in editions using the original, lurid cover images by Michel Gourdon.

In the second volume, Gouroull arrives on the miserable, zombie-haunted island of Cround off the northern coast of Scotland, and engages the services of the all-too-willing, diabolical Dr. Pilljoy in a project to conjure up a monstrous mate, in the relentless course of which he wreaks terrible havoc on the villagers, especially the beautiful young widow, Mary Flawtter...

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Grey Tiger Books
Publication Date 27 Nov 2016
ISBN 9780956441959
Number of Pages 176

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