Found at Sea

By Andrew Greig

Format: Paperback

Andrew Greig embarked on a 'micro-odyssey' that took place from Stromness, Orkney to the Island of Cava, Scapa Flow on a single voyage, one evening in summer, this collection recounts his trip in poetic sequence.

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Andrew Greig recounts in poetic sequence the tale of his open dinghy voyage from Stromness in Scapa Flow and an overnight stay on Cava (an island formerly inhabited for over twenty years by two unusual women) in poetic sequence. In sailing small boats in scary open waters Andrew Greg found a new activity and a new metaphor for life. Written in six weeks, Found at Sea is a 'very wee epic' about sailing, male friendship and a voyage. Bon voyage!

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Birlinn Limited
Publication Date 13 Feb 2013
ISBN 9781846972690
Number of Pages 72

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Press Reviews

'Andrew Greig treats the epic, with its archetypal traditional trajectory of voyage and return, with touching lyric sensitivity'

'One of the best things I've read so far this year is Found At Sea, a new book of poems by Andrew Greig'

'A homage to George Mackay Brown, to friendship, to our seafaring heritage, and to Orkney; it combines lyrical descriptions of the light in the Northern Isles as well as an unforgettable account of trying to stand up to pee on a moving boat'

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