Forward With Scotland's Past

By Battlefield Band

Format: Paperback

90 tunes & 45 songs.

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A collection of the group's songs and music. 25 pipe tunes, 65 fiddle tunes, 44 songs. Foreword by Dougie Pincock and notes on the music. Paperback A4 125pp. Track Listing: Crann Tara; Madadh Ruadh; Conway's Farewell; Short-Coated Mary; E Kostez An Henbont; Togail Curs Air Leodhas; The Five Sisters; The Rising Moon Reel; The Struggle; The Farmer's Daughter; The Unmade Bed; Lady Doll Sinclair; The Tide's Out; Dougie's Decision; Willie Roy's Loomhouse; Christmas Carousal; Knopogue; Reid's Rant; Sandy Thompson; Tending The Steer; The Calrossie Cattle Wife; Kilcoy's March; Dick Gossip's Reel; Joseph MacDonald's Jig; The Snuff Wife; Return To Kashmagiro; The Cuddy With The Wooden Leg; Muineira Sul Sacrato Della Chiesa; Hyo Y Frwynen; The Left-Handed Fiddler; The Floating Crowbar; The Ships Are Sailing; Lucy Campbell; June Apple; Brodick Castle; Anst'er Market; The Pilgrim's March; She's Late But She's Timely; The Anchor Steam Reel; The Hook Of Holland; The Man With Two Women; McHugh's Other Foot; Anthem; The Watchmaker's Daughter; Lord Haddo's Favourite; The Presbyterian Hornpipe; The Hurricane; Cockle Geordie; Miss Graham; Miss Thompson; Look Across The Water; Mrs. Garden Of Troup; The Keelman Ower Land; Major Malley's March; Major Malley's Reel; Jenny Nettles; Dunottar Castle; Miss Lyall; Small Coals For Nailers; Bleaton Gardens; Miss MacLeod's Minuet; Miss Drummond Of Perth's Favourite Scotch Measure; Ge Do Theid Mi Do M'Leabaidh; The Arran Boat; The Canty Auld Man; Drummond Castle; Miss Margaret Brown's Favourite; The Deserts Of Tulloch; 'Scian 'Sgur; There's Three Guid Fellows; Leslie's March; Sgian Dubh; Miss Susan Feddersen; The Ivory Reel; The Quill; The Butterfly Chain; Lift Your Glass To The Landlady; Peter Calver's Favourite; The Steeple Reel; Down The Road To Galloway; Catherine Jane Spree's Polka; The Heron; Molly's Roses; Hamish Henderson's Refusal; Belle-Ile; Angela Morrison's Pavanne; The White Dress; The Foggy Banks Of Haines; Modest Miss France; Mary Cassidy; Celtic Hotel; Seacoalers; Jock The Can; The Tail O' The Bank; The Rovin' Dies Hard; The Silver Darlin's; The Devil's Only Daughter; The Dear Green Place; After Hours; Montrose; Island Earth No More; Carnlough Bay; The Snows Of France And Holland; Miners' Wives; I Am The Common Man; The Yew Tree; A Chance As Good As Any; The Green Plaid; The Image Of God; Shining Clear; Gala Water; Lads O' The Fair; The Boar And The Fox; Up And Waur Them A' Willie; Seven Braw Gowns; The Last Farewell To Stirling; Christ Has My Hart Ay; I Hae Nae Kith, I Hae Nae Kin; The Battle Of Falkirk Muir; Lang Johnny Moir; The Battle Of Harlow; The Tamosher; Wae's Me For Prince Charlie; Lady Kilmarnock's Lament; The Atholl Gathering; The Boys That Broke The Ground; Blue Jay And The Cardinal; The Laverock Sang; The Bonnie Wee Lassie That Never Said No; It Was All For Our Rightful King; Jamie Raeburn; The Bonny Labouring Boy; The Invitation To A Funeral; The Laird O' Udny's Wa's

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Highlander Distribution
Publication Date 1 Jan 1952

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