Fiddle Music From Fife

By Alexander Leburn , James Walker

Format: Paperback

18th century fiddle music.

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Two talented composers' works are gathered in this volume, neatly printed in contemporary style, with treble and bass lines. Alexander Leburn, 1767-1836, and James Walker, 1760-1840. Marches, reels, jigs, strathspeys, an allemande.. Paperback A4. Track Listing: Auchtertool Volunteers March; Auchtertool Volunteers Quick Step; Braes of Marr; Breechan Lasses; British Tars can do it; Capt James Abercrumbie’s Reel; Capt Ronald Ferguson’s Quick Step; The Cuckoo; Dunnikeer House; Dysart House Strathspey; Dysart Masson Lodge Harmony; Dysart Volunteers March; Dysart Volunteers Quick Step; Fife Docks; Gooden Well (Mr Buist’s Frolic); The Heather House; Henry McLiesh’s Complements to A Leburn; Honbl. George Melvill Leslie Melvill’s Strathspey; Honbl. George Melvill Leslie’s Alamande; Honble Miss Jane Ruthven’s Jigg; Honble Miss Jessie A Ruthven’s Favourite; Honble Miss Jessie A Ruthven’s Strathspey; Honble Miss Ruthven’s Reel; Honble Miss Ruthven’s Strathspey; The Honourable Miss Francess Hay’s Quick Step; Honourable Miss Francess Hay’s Reel; Kirkcaldy Merchant’s Hall; Lady Elisabeth Moncreiffe’s Reel; Lady Erskine’s Reel; Lady Jane Belsches’s Alamande; Lady Jane Dundas’s Reel; Lady St Clair Dysarts Strathspey; Lady St Clairs Erskine’s Reel; Lieut. Morisons (Dumfries Militia) Reel; Liewt. Jamiesons Quick Step; A March; McLean’s Bonny Lassie; Miss Abercrombie’s Fancy; Miss Ann Drysdales Kirkcaldy Reel; Miss Balfowr Balberny; Miss Barclay’s Reel; Miss Belsche’s Whim; Miss Belsche’s Strathspey; Miss Black’s Reel; Miss Caroline Thomson’s Reel; Miss Catherine Miller’s Reel; Miss Charlotte Stirlings Reel; Miss Christie of Durrie; Miss Dalzell’s Strathspey; Miss Dorset, Begnor Park; Miss E Erskine; Miss Elezbath Oswald’s Reel; Miss Erskine of Tory’s Strathspey; Miss Fergus’s Reel; Miss Ferguson of Reith’s Strathspey; Miss Hay of Lyes’s Strathspey; Miss Isabella Heggie Kirkcaldy Reel; Miss Jean Donaldson’s Hornpipe; Miss Jessy Wallace Reel; Miss Johnson Pitworth; Miss Lieut. Morison’s Fancy; Miss Lindsay Steuart of Steuart’s Lodge Strathspey; Miss M S Reddie’s Reel; Miss Mar. Marshalls Scotch Measure; Miss Margret Steuart of Steuart Lodge’s Reel; Miss Margt St Clair Reddies Fancy; Miss Melvel Dysart; Miss Moncrieff of Pitlower’s Reel; Miss Moncrieff of Reedie’s Strathspey; Miss Oswald, Dunnikeer; Miss Pillans’s Strathspey; Miss Reddies Reel; Miss Rutherford Kinghorn’s Strathspey; Miss Sally McLean; Miss Sarjent Livingstons Reel; Miss Scaffe, London; Miss Smith, Berwick; Miss Spiers’s Jig; Miss St Clair Erskine of Sinclair; Miss Steuart of Steuart Lodge’s Reel; Miss Thomson, London; Miss Wemyss of Cuttelhills; Miss Wemyss of Dundee’s Reel; Miss Willes of Leslies Birthday; Miss Williams, London; Mr Alexander Oswald’s Reel; Mr Andrew Thomsons Reel; Mr David Duncan’s Reel; Mr G Paterson’s Reel; Mr James Belfour’s Fancy; Mr James Frasers Reel; Mr John Dykes Reel; Mr John Reddies Strathspey; Mr John Walker’s Favourite; Mr Oswalds of Dunnikier’s Reel; Mr Sharps Reel; Mr Willm. Ferguson of Reaths Reel; Mrs Cheape of Rossie’s Strathspey; Mrs Cunningham of Bonningstone’s Strathspey; Mrs Duncan’s Reel; Mrs Kelty Auchtermuchty’s Favourite; Mrs Melvill Dysart Reel; Mrs Moncrieff of Reedie’s Delight; Mrs Reas Reel; Mugdram House; The Myres Castle; Patrick George Moncrieff Esqr of Reedie’s Jigg; Pitlower Harmitage; Pitlower House; Ralph’s Frolick; Sir James St Clair Erskine; Sir James St Clairs March; Steuart Lodge; Stornway Lassies; Walker’s Favourite; Wemyss Castle Reel

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Highlander Distribution
Publication Date 28 Feb 2006

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