Fairy Tales and Art Mirrored in Human Consciousness

By Monica Gold

Format: Paperback

Explores the connection between creative art and fairy tales, and the influence and inspiration they can be to our modern minds.

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This book, from a unique artist's perspective, explores the nature of fairy tales and their power to inspire and influence.

Monica Gold found that her artistic work was constantly re-inspired by experiencing genuine fairy tales in the light of Rudolf Steiner's anthroposophy. She examines how art and fairy tales can mirror each other, and have a profound effect on our modern consciousness.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Waldorf Publications
Publication Date 1 Jan 2012
ISBN 9781936367276
Number of Pages 196

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Press Reviews

'This is an extraordinary book: it weaves together fairy tales, children's paintings and the history of art with the deepest questions of spiritual development of man and mankind. Monica Gold does this in such a natural way that the message comes over as lightly and evidently as in every good fairy tale. The author includes the well-known Little Red Riding Hood as well as less familiar wonderful fairy tales like The Little Golden Box and the Russian tale The Firebird. This book is a true eye-opener.'

-- Reviewed by Thomas H. Meyer, Basel

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