By Dominique Manotti

Translator: Ros Schwartz , Amanda Hopkinson

Format: Paperback

Escaped from prison and living in Paris, Filippo spends his nights writing down the stories recounted to him in prison by his former cellmate. Although he insists the stories are fiction, public awareness leads to police suspicion, until Filippo is ultimately forced to face another man's comeuppance.

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It's 1987. Two prisoners, both Italian, break out of prison in a rubbish lorry. One heads for Paris, the other to Milan. The first Carlo, is killed in a shoot-out during a bank robbery - under suspicious circumstances. Frightened by the manhunt launched by Interpol, the second prisoner, Filippo, returns to Paris where he becomes a security guard. He spends his nights writing the story of a Red Brigadier, as recounted to him in prison by Carlo. His landlady Cristina finds him a publisher and the book becomes a bestseller. Filippo, carefully coached by his publishers press office, steadfastly refuses to own the story, insisting that all his stories are fiction and that this is a work of imagination. The public don t buy it, neither do the police, and dogged investigations begin to produce the reasons why. Ultimately Filippo cannot escape his fate: that of a man with an assumed identity that carries far greater risks than his own.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Arcadia Books
Publication Date 15 Jul 2014
ISBN 9781909807556
Number of Pages 161

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