eBook Help


The ePUBS on www.mybooksource.com are copy-protected using Adobe digital rights management (DRM), so you can’t just download and open them on your computer. Before you can access them, you will need to download and install the recommended eBook reader software for your chosen device. Once this is done you will be able to purchase or download your eBook from this site and read it on up to three different devices, for instance your smartphone, your laptop and your PC at home, by signing into your Adobe or BlueFire account.

The MOBI eBooks are protected using digital watermarking, and can only be read on a Kindle, Kindle Fire or using a Kindle reading app.

Which format (i.e. PDF, ePUB or MOBI) is better for me?

Before deciding on which eBook format is right for you (i.e. PDF, ePUB or MOBI) you should be aware of the following:

  1. The PDF format will work fine on a desktop/laptop (PC or Mac) but not so well on a tablet and smartphone because the image will not automatically resize to fit the screen. This means (particularly on a smartphone) that you will have to scroll left and right to be able to see/read all the text – not ideal.
  2. Choosing the ePUB format will mean you get a reading experience optimised for the device you are using i.e.  desktop/laptop, tablet and/or smartphone. That means no annoying left and right scrolling, text can be resized to suit your preference and the reading experience is also re-flowable.
  3. Whichever format you choose you will need to download appropriate e-reading software. This is quick and easy to do and once you have done it once you won’t need to do it again. Guidance on how to do this for a variety of e-reading packages is set out below.
  4. PLEASE NOTE: ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS is not the same as ADOBE READER. You need the former if you want to view either the PDF or the EPUB version of your eBook because these eBooks are encrypted. In other words they have digital rights management protection applied to them. This encryption prevents the reader from illegally sharing or reselling the ebook with another person but it also means the PDFs cannot now be read (like un-encrypted PDFs) using Adobe Reader.
  5. If you intend to read your eBook on a Kindle, Kindle Fire or using a Kindle reading app on another device, you must download the MOBI format

How to read your eBook

1. Download the reader software for your device

i) For Windows or Mac desktop/laptop computers

Please download Adobe Digital Editions

ii) For iOS and Android smartphones and tablets

Please download BlueFire Reader for either Android or iOS

iii) To use a Kindle reading app on your device

Please download the Kindle reading app for either Android or iOS

2. If using Adobe Digital Editions or Bluefire, create an Adobe ID and authorise your reader software

After downloading and installing the correct reader software, you then need to create an Adobe account ID here making sure you specify the the same email address you used to purchase your ebook.

Once you have done this, sign in to your reader software using your Adobe ID to authorise your reader.

3. Download your eBooks

Log in to www.mybooksource.com, and on your MY ELIBRARY page, choose the format you would like to download. For ePubs, this will download the license for the eBook that consists of a URLLINK.acsm file that you should open in your reader software, Adobe Digital Editions or BlueFire Reader. Your license will then be verified, and your eBook will be downloaded.

If you have a Kindle Fire tablet or Kindle eReader, you will want to download the MOBI format, and if you want to read your eBook using the Kindle app for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Windows Phone, you will also want to buy and download the MOBI format.