Druids 2: The Altars of Destiny

By Jean-Luc Istin Thierry Jigourel

Translator: Lannig Treseizh

Illustrator: Jacques Lamontagne

Format: Paperback

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Dalen Books

Dalen, Dalen ireann, Dalen Alba, Dalen Scot, Dalen Kernow and Dalen Books are imprints of Dalen (Llyfrau) Cyf, a small publisher based in west Wales. Our remit is primarily to publish graphic novels and strip cartoons in Welsh, Irish, Gaelic, Cornish, Scots and English to the highest editorial, linguistic, visual and production standards. These are usually adaptations of successful European titles. We also publish some titles outside the graphic novel genre

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The second volume of the gothic thriller series set in the Age of Saints sees the mystery of the murdered monks deepend for the druid Gywnlan - murders perpetrated because of the monks' involvement with a venerated druid manuscript indicating the location of the hidden Treasure of the Britons. The Church's brutal agents, the Holy Vengeance, are intent on usurping the druids' secrets and using them to undermine the old Celtic religion. Will Arthur and his companions reach the druids' centre of relogion on the sacred isle of Mon?

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Dalen Books
Publication Date 8 Jan 2011
ISBN 9781906587161
Number of Pages 96

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