Dance of My Life

By Susan Alexander

Edited by Anne Wilson

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Strident Publishing

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When Susan is introduced to ballet classes ( in 1944 at ther Edinburgh School, she is nine years old and has never heard of the Royal Opera House or the ballet Giselle. Yet only twelve years later she is acclaimed as a star when making her debut in this ‘Hamlet of ballets' at the world famous London theatre.

Susan Alexander's story is one of adventure, hardships, dedication and the unique community spirit of the royal ballet's touring company. The troupe of dancers who travel from Aberdeen to Adelaide, Cardiff to Cape Town and to the wilds of Spain become a second family to the ‘little Scots girl'.

Picked by Dame Ninette de Valois to be personally trained as a ballerina, coached by Dame Margot Fonteyn for Swan Lake and having her name in lights at the Empire Theatre in Johannesburg, Susan travels far and wide since her humble beginning in post-war Scotland. She discovers a magical quality through ballet that stays with her even when she is no longer able to dance.

Returning to her roots she says, ‘I seem to have come full circle. When I am walking in the Highlands or bathing in the sea where I swam as a child, I feel I am part of the dance of nature. But even when I sit completely still the dance of my life is beating in the depths of my heart'.

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Strident Publishing
Publication Date 24 Nov 2007
ISBN 9781904440987
Number of Pages 120

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