Complete New Tales of Para Handy

By Stuart Donald

Format: Paperback

A compilation volume of Stuart Donald's classic tales which recreate the characters Neil Munro invented in his original works. Accompanied by period plates of West-coast scenes taken at the time of the original tales, there are 60 stories about the motley crew of the "Vital Spark".

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Neil Wilson Publishing

Neil Wilson Publishing is a small, independent company which prides itself on being innovative and original. Under five imprints they produce a wide range of books with a Scottish flavour.

Product Description


This book is a compilation of the new tales of the motley crew of the Vital Spark which were first published in Para Handy Sails Again and Para Handy All At Sea and in which Donald convinced Neil Munro's many fans of his ability to create entirely new scenarios around the original cast of characters. Accompanied with period plates of actual West-coast scenes taken at the time of the settings of Munro's original tales, these 60 stories are humorous, enlightening and always mischievous. This is sure to become the essential volume which Para Handy fans around the world will want and will be a great tribute to Stuart Donald's unique talent. The first two volumes have sold out but Stuart's death prevented a trilogy from being completed. This compilation volume is as much a tribute to Stuart's talent as it is to Neil Munro's inspirational characters ...the motley crew of the Vital Spark.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Neil Wilson Publishing
Publication Date 6 Nov 2001
ISBN 9781897784624
Number of Pages 448

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It takes a brave man to recreate a popular Scots hero, but Stuart Donald has done just that! The Evening Times Stuart has taught himself his craft so well that some stories could pass as the real Munro. Lorn MacIntyre, The Herald Hilarious! Shetland Times What a superb tribute to Neil Munro's stories of Para Handy and his crew. This book is a joy to read, and the 'Factnotes' giving the background to each tale serve to make the stories even more enjoyable. A double treat of delightful seafaring tales and local history in one book. Review by GA Kerr on Amazon

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