Chris Henderson

CHRIS HENDERSON spent the first half of his career working for the Boots Group and Barclays Bank, where he held roles in strategy, HR, operations and property. During this time he was a member of several Leadership Teams. Some were enjoyable and produced extraordinary results. Others were an ordeal and delivered little. As his interest in individual and team development grew, he studied human and organisational change through a Masters degree at Ashridge Business School alongside a range of other techniques and approaches. These included learning the Balanced Scorecard with one of its founders, David Norton - a subject which he went on to teach at Nottingham Business School as well as internationally. The differences he experienced in Leadership Teams inspired him to set up a specialist consultancy business, OneThirdMore to focus exclusively on developing Leadership Teams. Through OneThirdMore, Chris and his colleagues have helped a wide range of Leadership Teams make the transition to high performance and to reap the benefits both in terms of hard business results and also in a more enjoyable and rewarding working experience. He has worked with some of the largest companies in the UK as well as across Europe and in Africa and also has a variety of clients in the public and voluntary sectors. Chris has a close and long-standing relationship with a rural Maasai community in Southern Kenya, which he supports through his business. Maasai perspectives on working together and surviving in adversity have inspired and influenced much of his