Celtic Collection Volume 2

By Deirdre Adamson

Format: Paperback

96 traditional tunes

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Another collection from Deirdre Adamson, whose tremendous musical experience ensures a well-set-out book with clear notation and chords. 96 traditional tunes for Scottish dancing arranged for accordion and a fiddle, grouped by dance type. Track Listing: Dr Morrison's Seven Thistles; Kelly the Boy From Killane; The Old Rustic Bridge; Johnnie Lad; Shane O'Neill's March; In The Garb Of Old Gaul; Captain Cameron's Volunteer March; Babes in the Wood; Paddy On The Railroad; Polly Stewart; Miss Forbes' Farewell to Banff; The Barmaid; Gladstone Reel; Chinese Dance; Lady Mary Stopford; The Lass O' Gowrie; The Moulin Dhu; Colin's Favourite; Cocker's Roses; Da Auld Stoer's Back Agen; Aitken Drum; Donald Blue; Miss Johnstone of Hillton; I'll Gang Nae Mair Tae Yon Toon; Bonnie Banchory; Queen Mary Waltz; The Spinning Wheel; Come By The Hills; Boulavogue; I Lo'e Nae A Laddie; Limerick is Beautiful; Old St. Pauls; Bonnie Glenfarg; Irish Whispers; Within A Mile O' Edinburgh Toon; Kinloch of Kinloch; So I'm Off With The Good St. Nicholas Boat; He's Ower The Hills; The Harmonica; Biddy of Sligo; Should Our Praise of Britain's Isle; Miss Ella Norah Robertson's Favourite; The Berwickshire Volunteers; Begone Dull Care; The Gobbie O'; Harvest Time; The Lads O' Dunse; The Canty Auld Man; The Marchioness of Huntly; Garey Cottage; Loudon's Bonnie Woods; The Braes O' Tullimet; Miss Graham of Inchbrakie; Mrs Garden Of Troup; Ka-Foo-Za-Lum; Bonnybridge; The Rose Among the Heather; When the King Comes O'er The Water; The Thistle; The Farewell; Maggie & Jock; The Gallery Of Lorne; Mac Og An Iarla Ruaidh; Leaving Barra; Mhairi Mhim Mheall Shiuleach; Loch Rannoch; Filoro; A Ribhinn Og Bheil Cuinahn Agad!; Farewell to Fiunary; Mingulay Boat Song; The Eternal Surge of the Sea; The Telegraph Post; President Garfield's Hornpipe; The Boys of Bluehill; Saratoga Hornpipe; The Wonder Hornpipe; Officer Of the Day; Sporty Boys; Mick McGuire; Captain Carswell; The Jig of Slurs; 93rds' Farewell To Gibraltar; Dornkop; Barbara's Jig; The Braemar Gathering; The Inverness Gathering; Glengarry's March; Cork Hill; 93rd At Modder River; The Heights of Alma; The Bugle Horn; Macdonald's Awa' To The Wars; John MacDonald of Glencoe; Kitchener's Army

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Highlander Distribution
Publication Date 10 Sep 2003

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