Mahayana Myths and Stories

By Sangharakshita

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Windhorse Publications

Windhorse Publications is a Buddhist charitable company based in the UK. They seek to produce accessible and relevant books of high quality for all those interested in Buddhism at whatever level. They are the main publisher of Sangharakshita, the founder of the Triratna Buddhist Order. They seek to draw on the whole range of the Buddhist tradition, including translations of traditional texts, commentaries, biographies of Buddhists, and works on meditation.

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 'Once upon a time there was a rich old man who lived in a vast mansion ...' Whatever our age, we never lose our responsiveness to story, myth and drama. The Buddha, knowing this, often taught in the form of stories and parables, and in the Mahayana phase of Buddhist history, the telling of stories became ever more mythical and magical. In this volume of his Complete Works, Sangharakshita introduces us to the strange and wonderful world of three of the best-loved Mahayana sutras - a world from which we emerge with treasures in the form of teachings and advice which, it transpires, are a great support in our approach to the very practical matters of how we are to live our lives in the everyday world.From the transcendental critique of religion and the means of unification offered by the Vimalakirti-nirdesa to the light shed on economics, ecology and politics by the Sutra of Golden Light, and the vision of life as a journey offered by the White Lotus Sutra, these commentaries offer a unique and deeply meaningful perspective on the value of human existence.

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Additional Information

Format Multiple Formats
Imprint Windhorse Publications
Publication Date 21 Mar 2017
SKU 9781909314887-grouped
Number of Pages 784

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