There's a Witch in the Word Machine

By Jenni Fagan

Format: Paperback

A new collection written during Jenni's 2017 Outriders trip to the US and in Paris, whilst in residence at Shakespeare & Co, staying in the room in which many

poets and writers have spent time.

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Birlinn Limited

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Product Description


This new book, The Witch in the Word Machine, is a collection that underpins Jenni Fagan's entire approach to words. Her spell poems are portraits of people, lovers and cities: Paris, New York, Edinburgh, Detroit, LA, and San Francisco. The excerpts of her Truth poem are a political response to great uncertainty in the world right now.

This collection is an exploration of words as spells, incantations, curse and solace.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Birlinn Limited
Publication Date 6 Sep 2018
ISBN 9781846974632
Number of Pages 72

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Press Reviews

'For Fagan, writing is a visceral activity, a reconnection with the physical rather than a flight away from it. These are earthy, elemental poems... [a] powerful collection'

'A new Jenni Fagan publication is my cue to log off, disconnect the landline, ignore the doorbell and let words transport me to a place of necessary beauty and kinder wildness; she does things with the language which are close to miraculous and which come from a yearning to transcend, enrich, and temper socio-political corruption and debauchery. This is vital work. She is, truly, one of the very best writers we have, in these mad islands'

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