The Grand Opening

By R. D. Dikstra

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A fun imaginative tale about a family of vegetarian tigers living in the foothills of the Himalayas. Cubs, Bittu and Matti,their Mother Tala and their old Uncle Raj all live in Tigeropolis - an out-of-the-way, down-at-heel wildlife park, somewhere in Northern India.

In ‘Beyond the Deep Forest', our favourite tigers discovered that their idyllic life is under threat.

In Book 2 the story moves on. The family have managed to convince the ‘authorities' Tigeropolis should be saved, but now they have to make it work as a popular attraction. In ‘The Grand Opening' we see the tigers come up with some inventive ways of getting in the crowds, all the while however they have to cope with the bumbling forest guards and unhelpful ‘officialdom'. Uncle Raj also discovers that ‘celebrity status' comes with a downside as an old foe reappears to try to settle a long standing score.

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Belle Media
Publication Date 12 Oct 2016
ISBN 9780992746223
Number of Pages 176

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