Beyond the Deep Forest

By R. D. Dikstra

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Belle Media

Belle Media develops creative content and IP and has produced hardback, paperback and picture books, ebooks, audiobooks, video games, comic strips and digital portals. Belle Media is the creator and publisher of Tigeropolis, The Adventures of Captain Bobo and Hurricane Hutch.

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A fun imaginative tale about a family of vegetarian tigers living in the foothills of the Himalayas. Cubs, Bittu and Matti, their Mother Tala and their old Uncle Raj all live in Tigeropolis - an out-of-the-way wildlife park, somewhere in Northern India.

For years they have enjoyed a tranquil life out of sight, but they find there is a price to pay. With no reported sightings for several years, the park authorities have assumed that the tigers have all moved away. To the ‘authorities' it's simple: no tigers means no tourists and that, in turn, means no income. Tigeropolis has to close; the trees can be bulldozed, and in their place a new motorway built.

Bittu, Matti, Tala and Uncle Raj decide to set out and save the park. They realise that to do this they need to reappear and recreate a vibrant tiger-watching tourist industry. There is just one small snag… it has been so long since any of them have appeared in public, that they have quite forgotten what to do. They need to rediscover old skills quickly: how to roar, how to hunt and how to be tigers!

With a little help from some unexpected quarters, they set out to learn the ‘tricks of the trade' and hopefully save Tigeropolis.

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Additional Information

Format Multiple Formats
Imprint Belle Media
Publication Date 22 Oct 2015
SKU 9780992746216-grouped
Number of Pages 128

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