Now Glasgow

by Allan Wright & Des Dillon

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Allan Wright Photographic

Scottish Landscape Photographer

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"Allan Wright's wonderful photos of Glasgow show that our city contributes just as much to Scotland's unparalleled scenic splendour as any mountain or glen.  The photos here will strike sparks of instant recognition and memory in everyone who knows and loves Glasgow as well as making us look afresh at familiar scenes shown in a new and unfamiliar light. "Above all though, Allan has captured, in the faces that appear in the later photos in the book, the personality and spirit of the people who populate Glasgow's landscape. Yes, we have stunning buildings and streetscapes, lush parks, incredible views - but none of them would mean anything without the Glaswegians who bring them to life. This is a book for and about them.”     Susan Aitken  -  Leader of Glasgow City Council.

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Allan Wright Photographic
Publication Date 19 Jul 2017
ISBN 9781905683970
Number of Pages 248

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Press Reviews

"There's an infectious zeal for life on the streets of Glasgow these days. It's vibrant, bold and confident - it's a city on the move, and in a great direction which others should be inspired by.  I've spent two years working on this book and during that time I've encountered an extraordinarily diverse and vibrant community where smiles are always plentiful. 

"I spent much of my childhood and teenage years in Glasgow, as did my co-author Des Dillon - both of us now live in Galloway in the South West of Scotland. This book is not an elaborate tourist promotion, neither is it a comprehensive description of Glasgow. However, it is the shared and longstanding personal engagement we both have with a city on the move.  This is how it appears now, this is Now Glasgow in 2017. Catch it now - it won't stay this way for long.”

Allan Wright

"Wright's images say something about Glasgow I have always felt but been unable to articulate. What I'm talking about is how Glasgow has changed in recent times and for the better too. How Glasgow has gone full circle from its Victorian heyday to become once again a city of the world.

"Wright has a knack of capturing fleeting unnoticed moments of reality and challenging us to see that we are going around with our eyes closed, over-concerned with our own lives. These images show us what we could see if we look very, very carefully. We can all snap pictures, portraits and selfies but can we find this poetry and purity? And even if we could would we have the awareness to capture it? Wright sees the Glasgow we could see.”

Des Dillon

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