Finding the Health

Thoughts on Osteopathic Diagnosis and Treatment

By Robert Lever

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Robert Lever is now recognised as a deep thinker in the field of osteopathy and has developed an international following since the publication of his first book At the Still Point of the Turning World: The Art and Philosophy of Osteopathy. He puts into clear and understandable prose the ideas and feelings that many osteopaths experience but find difficult to express. This book is a companion volume to his previous work and continues his exploration of the art and philosophy of osteopathy.

The art of osteopathy has always been based on a body of anatomical and physiological theory and data but it has recently been expanded in exciting ways involving contemporary thinking in physics and biology that tell us more about disease causation and tissue function. This concise, well organized and highly readable book brings these two fields of thinking together.

The application of concept, theory and, above all, principle, is the real challenge and it is by addressing these with penetration and relevance that the book allows the practitioner to 'find the health' rather than merely attempting to confront disease.

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Additional Information

Format Hardback
Imprint Handspring Publishing
Publication Date 22 Nov 2016
ISBN 9781909141742
Number of Pages 128

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