Bramble and Coultoon Bramble and Coultoon: Their Bolsa Cave Adventure

Their Bolsa Cave Adventure

By Catherine Wilson

Illustrator: Ruth MacLean

Format: Paperback

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Established in 2007, AILSAPRESS is a small independent publisher based on the Isle of Islay. Our aim is to produce art-led books for the gift and children's market that will reflect indigenous island life and offer a memento to visitors who come to the island.

Product Description


Bramble and Coultoon are two fire-making ponies who love adventures. By now their fame has spread before them and a certain Mr McEnvy is anxious to get rid of them. He cunningly lays them a trap knowing their keen sense of adventure. He tells them about a cave far off on the rocky wild coast of Islay and of a piper who can still be heard playing his pipes in the cave. Of course the ponies cannot resist. When they get to the cave, they are told by a friendly stag that the piper had a dog who came out of the cave with all of his hair burnt off. They almost give up but curiosity gets the better of them. They discover the piper who asks for their help. They all come out of the cave alive, and there is a funny and happy ending which involves the Islay Pipe Band.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Ailsapress
Publication Date 31 May 2014
ISBN 9780955565663
Number of Pages 32

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