Big Cats

Facing Britain's Wild Predators

By Rick Minter

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Presents the main issues about the emotive subject of big cats living wild in Britain An in-depth discussion of how people respond to having big cats in their midst Takes the reader into the realm of big cats in Britain

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Right across Britain, people are making remarkable claims - they are reporting large feral cats resembling panthers, pumas and lynx. Month after month the sightings continue with citizens from all walks of life having surprise encounters with big cats. They may be driving, walking their dog, or riding a horse, but most reports are consistent and many are emotionally charged - people have encountered a big predator, in safe, suburban Britain. Tell-tale signs of the cats include freshly-eaten deer, the odd hair sample and droppings which reveal their diet. As wildlife filmmakers testify, photographing these stealthy creatures is not easy, even in their official countries. How have these cats established themselves? What are their territories, how are they breeding and are numbers viable? This gripping book reviews the evidence and considers the implications of Britain's large cats, for people and for wildlife. The book has many surprises - about the cats themselves and the human reactions. Most people tolerate the big cats they see, and many are wary yet excited.

Men and women, young and old, urban and rural, the response is similar - people have experienced something truly wild and their senses have been awoken. They may be awkward to admit to, but these cats are part of our land - evolving in Britain, shaping the ecosystem as a new apex predator. Many people would rather keep it quiet. But it is time to tell the secret, in a measured way. This book explores the dilemmas we face as we come to terms with our emerging big cats.

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Additional Information

Format Multiple Formats
Imprint Whittles Publishing
Publication Date 9 Dec 2011
SKU 9781849950428-grouped
Number of Pages 224

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'If you want to find more about this exciting and often controversial subject read a book just out by Rick Minter.' The Star '...a thoughtful and insightful book that addresses the question of 'big cats' living wild in Britain. It looks at the issue from a realistic and well-balanced perspective, imforming and educating the reader... Well-written and thought-provoking.' Teme Valley Times 'This outstanding publication defines and describes the recordings of big cats over a number of years. It encompasses numerous eye witness accounts of encounters and sightings, adding a layer of expertise not readily available through the internet. The author's enthusiasm for the subject is infectious, and the dialogue is delivered as a non-confrontational balanced argument. ...this book will appeal to all those who have seen press reports and wondered if there is really a big cat out there.' Chartered Forester '...meticulously-researched and vividly-written by Rick Minter...' Yorkshire Post Country Week '...a fascinating insight' Western Daily Press ' beautifully written with much love for the subject and lots of Wow! I never knew that' surprises. ...make this book ideal for 'dipping' into.' Fortean Times '... The great strength of this book is that it is structured to examine the value of sighting reports or anecdotes. ...a very well organised history of big cat ownership in Britain. ...the profiling of serious researchers of the subject is very valuable. ...has some of the best illustrations of large mammal kills I have ever seen to date in a reference work of this kind. an indispensable work for any one with a serious interest in out of place carnivores.' Australian Researcher Simon Townsend '...Big Cats by Rick Minter, is calculated to convince even the most sceptical critic. There are numerous photographs of big cats, mostly black, taken in the wild in Britain, including a road accident victim six feet in length. Minter, an environmental consultant, erudite and level-headed, explains how and why these cats, which are breeding, have become established in Britain over the past 70 or so years.' Pulmans Weekly News '...a fascinating new book on big cats in the UK. ...I'm getting more and more intrigued.' Derbyshire Wildlife Trust '... This weaves a fascinating story around British sightings of these fearsome predators - large feral cats resembling panthers, pumas and lynx.' The Guardian '... So it is with real pleasure that I am able to recommend a new book on the subject. ... He has done justice to the whole subject, the book filled with information and first-class photographs to whet one's appetite to know moreabout these remarkable animals living in the British countryside. Whether you accept their existence or remain sceptical as to their presence, this book is a fascinating read.' Western Morning News 'Amazing, really well produced and slick looking book. He has obviously spent a lot of time and effort chasing the mystery fields in the UK and it shows.' Australian Big Cats '...the book is full of compelling facts... ...this is a fascinating book that cannot be just ignored and whatever your attitude to the "big cat" question is a must read.' The Highland News, The Lochaber News and The North Star ' an absolute must for all those intersted in our big-cat situation. Rick presents the main issues surrounding this emotive subject and takes the reader into the realm of the big cat territory. He has given the subject a carefully and thoroughly considered examination and has presented believers and sceptics alike with a lot to think about.' This is Devon ' by page, one gets drawn in, becoming increasingly fascinated.' ECOS 'The book reveals that the history of big cats in the wild in this country is long and complicated'. Birmingham Post

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