Beyond Singleness

By Helena Wilkinson

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Lighthouse Publishing

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By the end of the century it is estimated that 45 percent of adults will live alone. The Christian church as already arrived at this statistic - almost half of all adult church members are single, divorced or widowed. For some, singleness is a chosen way of life but for many others it is regarded as second best. Long-term singleness can result in a in a crippling sense of isolation and anxiety. Beyond Singleness addresses the problems single people may feel, from sexual need and self-image to being the odd-one-out and doing the DIY, and gives guidance on how to engage in honest and open relationships. A book for both the single and the married.

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Lighthouse Publishing
Publication Date 25 Aug 2009
ISBN 9781903905296
Number of Pages 192

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