Associative Economics

Spiritual Activity for the Common Good

By Gary Lamb

Format: Paperback

A useful introduction to a form of alternative economics based on the ideas of Rudolf Steiner.

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Associative economics is a philosophy of money developed from the ideas of Rudolf Steiner. It places human beings at the centre of all economic activity, replacing the power of unseen 'market forces' with personal freedom and responsibility.In this comprehensive book, Gary Lamb explains associative economics, its background and principles, and its potential to change our world, along with possible pitfalls. He gives examples of successful projects and offers practical small steps that we can make to improve our situation.This is a useful introduction to an important form of alternative economics.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Waldorf Publications
Publication Date 1 Jan 2010
ISBN 9781936367108
Number of Pages 164

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