Arthur The Legend

By David Chauvel

Translator: Lannig Treseizh

Illustrator: Jean-Luc Simon

Format: Paperback

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Dalen Books

Dalen, Dalen ireann, Dalen Alba, Dalen Scot, Dalen Kernow and Dalen Books are imprints of Dalen (Llyfrau) Cyf, a small publisher based in west Wales. Our remit is primarily to publish graphic novels and strip cartoons in Welsh, Irish, Gaelic, Cornish, Scots and English to the highest editorial, linguistic, visual and production standards. These are usually adaptations of successful European titles. We also publish some titles outside the graphic novel genre

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Covered by marauding Saxons from the east, pillaging Irish from the west and fearsome Picts from the north, Dark Ages Britain's bountiful pastures were under constant siege. With neverending quarrels and inter-tribal warring between the Britons themselves, Britain was ready for a strong and mighty leader to rally its people and repel the invading hordes. This leader was to be Arthur, born to return the Island of Britain to its rightful owners - the Britons. His fame and stature transcended the centuries and he remains as enigmatic today as he has always been.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Dalen Books
Publication Date 19 Jun 2009
ISBN 9781906587079
Number of Pages 110

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