An Unsolicited Gift

Why We Do What We Do

By Dennis Friedman

Format: Paperback

Life is 'An Unsolicited Gift', given by parents to their children.

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This book explores the profound effect that our upbringing has on our adult lives. Friedman skilfully explores the way that lifestyles choices reflect our interactions with our parents during childhood. He attempts to show how parents are behind many of the decisions we make, ranging from the work we do and the leisure activities we enjoy to our choice of partner and our sexual interest. He makes a strong case that a better understanding of the way we were brought up can give us the tools to avoid antisocial behaviour. He shows how this knowledge can help us to avoid the mistakes our parents made with us, and stop us from passing them on to our children. An Unsolicited Gift sums up the views of an author with wide experience of the psychology on parenting and its influences.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Arcadia Books
Publication Date 21 Jan 2010
ISBN 9781906413606
Number of Pages 173

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'It's been a great year for books about naughty ladies - I loved Dennis Friedman's Ladies of the Bedchamber' Edwina Currie, New Statesman, Books of the Year 'A very good read, full of old nuggets of fascinating information' What's On in London

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