An Optics of Visual Experience

By Georg Maier

Format: Paperback

An experienced physicist guides us towards an understanding of visual phenomena based on our direct experience.

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The early days of modern science were characterised by empiricism, giving rise to the phrase 'seeing is believing'. In recent years, however, a mistrust of the senses has asserted itself. Physical optics has increasingly removed itself from immediate visual experience -- what we see around us -- focusing instead on abstract theories and the measurements of sophisticated instruments. We are left with an impoverished relationship with our world.Georg Maier has devoted much of his career as a physicist to studying the visual world, and he understands the importance of sensory experience for deepening and enlivening our scientific understanding of nature. In this groundbreaking book, he guides us towards an understanding of visual phenomena based on our experience.This is a book for anyone interested in the visual world and how we interact with it. It will also be challenging reading for those with a background in conventional physical optics, leading to a richer appreciation of the phenomena and a deepening of knowledge.

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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Floris Books
Publication Date 11 Aug 2011
ISBN 9780932776419
Number of Pages 232

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'Keeping to its own principles, this book is full of pictures and rich descriptions of visual experiences … What strikes one about this wonderfully evocative book is that it is full of rich descriptions that come across as a kind of magic, conjuring up deep inner experiences of the inner world of light and engaging the reader in a holistic experience of light as a being of perception, thought, feeling and will … This book would be of interest to scientists, science teachers, artists and anyone who wishes for a holistic experience of light and images and to engage consciously with the world of visual experiences.'-- Archetype

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