Amazing Amber

By Andrew Ross, Alison Sheridan

Format: Paperback

This book of the exhibition Amazing Amber at the National Museum of Scotland 10 May-8 September 2013 reveals the origins, properties and uses of this precious substance.

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Used for centuries as a decorative artefact, amber was also treasured for its perceived magical powers, crafted into charms and amulets to heal and ward off evils spirits. Amber also has the unique capacity to preserve fragile life that is millions of years old, opening a special window into the past. At the National Museum of Scotland 10 May-8 September highlights of its amber collection plus loans from the V&A will be brought together for the first time. With over a hundred illustrations, this book reveals the origins, properties and uses of amazing amber.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint National Museums of Scotland Enterprises - Publishing
Publication Date 20 May 2013
ISBN 9781905267798
Number of Pages 48

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Press Reviews

The paperback is beautifully illustrated, text easy to follow, and short in its selection but broad in its scope, crossing traditional boundaries in natural and human history, so it's a good read whether you're an entomologist or an artist.' Antenna '... This is a major contribution to our understanding of the material. ... Overall a good read and well worth the modest cover price!' Down to Earth 'In this book, Ross and Sheridan have produced a brilliant addition to the amber literature, of interest to both layman and specialist.' Magazine of the Geologists' Association ' ... It forms a nice standalone book in its own right ... ' Palaeontological Association newsletter No 83 ' ... The "book of the show" is still available and is beautifully illustrated ... Apart from the geology of amber there is quite a lot about its archaeological appearances in Scotland, artistic uses, some advice on spotting fakes and much on the included insects - and, yes, Jurassic Park does get a mention!' The Edinburgh Geologist, Magazine of the Edinburgh Geological Society

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