After Capitalism

By Michael Spence

Format: Paperback

Drawing inspiration from Rudolf Steiner's insights, this book offers an accessible yet radically unconventional perspective on our current economic, political and religious crises.

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Floris Books

Floris Books is an independent publishing company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2016 Floris won the Saltire Society Scottish Publisher of the Year. Floris Books is the largest children's book publisher in Scotland and are well known for the Kelpies range of Scottish children's books. They also publish international children’s books and an extensive list of non-fiction books, including alternative education, agriculture, health, parenting and religion.

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Around the world, people are increasingly waking up to the seriousness of our social, environmental and economic situation, and the realisation that the thinking that has brought us here is utterly insufficient for taking us forward in a humane, holistic and healthy way.This book offers an accessible yet radically unconventional perspective on our current crises. It helps the reader understand how human society, especially the economy, works, and how our inherited social structures have contributed to the growing gap between rich and poor.Drawing inspiration from Rudolf Steiner's insights, but not based on any one economic, political or religious belief system, Michael Spence shows how society consists of an interweaving of three different sectors, and how a fresh understanding of them can help us work towards a better world.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Floris Books
Publication Date 23 Oct 2014
ISBN 9780932776457
Number of Pages 256

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