Acts of Allegiance

By Peter Cunningham

Format: Paperback

Senior Irish diplomat, Marty Ransom, is torn between duty to his country and loyalty to the Anglo-Irish tradition in which he was raised. When he meets Alison, a Home Office employee now transferred to the British embassy in Dublin, Marty's fidelities are once again split.

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Paris: May, 1969. Scents of spring blossom, coffee and high-octane petrol. Irish diplomat Marty Ransom has been summoned to meet Charles J. Haughey, the Irish Minister for Finance - what's decided between them will change the course of Irish history. The Minister wants a go-between with the new IRA faction in the North: he knows a key player is Marty's cousin Ignatius. He has no idea Marty is reporting to MI5 in Dublin. As the deadly endgame draws near, Marty must choose between the past and all he holds dear.


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Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Sandstone Press Ltd
Publication Date 18 Oct 2018
ISBN 9781912240302
Number of Pages 320

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Press Reviews

A book that becomes ever more compelling as the number of available fragments grows and you are drawn towards its devastating conclusion.

Acts of Allegiance is a wonderful brew of a book about politics, family, violence, love, betrayal -- life, in other words. Peter Cunningham has written a winner

It's a sharp reminder of what evil can be done in the name of good, and how condescension and arrogance can lead to disaster. The sign of a great writer is to take the personal and specific and draw out what is universal about it, and Peter Cunningham achieves this with tremendous skill.

Cunningham's beautiful, twisting story unfolds until arriving at its sad, shocking conclusion.

Peter Cunningham's latest novel, Acts of Allegiance, manages to convert what could have been a bleak and familiar tale into an exciting one of espionage, infidelity, family secrets and betrayal.

A rare find that manages to combine literary lyricism with a satisfyingly propulsive, airtight plot. It is a cracking tale of espionage, state secrets and betrayal, taking us on a devastating tour past the landmark events of the Troubles... An intriguing excavation of how the personal and political can tragically collide.

A compelling tapestry of duty, betrayal, loyalty and love worthy of le Carré or Simenon.

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