About MBS

What is MyBookSource?

MyBookSource is the online bookshop run by BookSource, the distributor for independent publishers. 


What is BookSource?

BookSource is the trading arm of the charity Publishing Scotland. We have been warehousing and distributing books for independent publishers in the UK, for over 20 years. We’re a small team, dedicated to helping customers get their hands on great books by independent publishers.


Why have an online bookshop?

We’ve been selling books (and more) to private customers for two decades, so we thought we’d make it easier for them. And with three former booksellers, with more than 30 years’ experience between them, in our ranks, a bookshop seemed the obvious solution. We want it to be easy for everyone to come to our bookshop, which is why it’s online. Also, we sell more than books, because we always have.


What’s different about MyBookSource?

    • We’re owned by a charity
    • We’re a small team
    • We’re a UK based company, paying our taxes here
    • You can speak to a real live actual person

We’ll do everything we can to get your orders to you on time (even if that means sending company directors down to the warehouse to pick and pack your order).


How do I find out more?

Drop us a line to myorder@mybooksource.com or give us a call on 0845 370 0066 or 0141 643 3977