A Wee Bird Was Watching

By Karine Polwart

Illustrator: Kate Leiper

Format: Paperback

An exquisite retelling of the tale of how the robin got its red breast by one of the country's most popular singer-songwriters.

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Birlinn Limited

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Product Description


A young girl and her mother settle in the woods for a night's sleep, after a long and tiring journey. But who will keep them safe from harm? A wee bird is watching from the trees. And he knows just what to do. A vividly illustrated telling of a folk tale that speaks to themes of displacement, migration and protection.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Birlinn Limited
Publication Date 18 Oct 2018
ISBN 9781780275321
Number of Pages 32

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Press Reviews

'A thoughtful and joyful imagination of how the robin could have got his red breast. This picture book's lyrical language is as beautiful as its magical illustrations - a wintry story with modern resonance that will bring a glow to bedtime on the coldest nights'

'A marvellous version of the the folk tale of how the Robin got its red breast, the product of an inspired collaboration between acclaimed musician Karine Polwart and Kate Leiper, brilliant illustrator of all things wild'

'A traditional folktale . . . and at another level, a book that has real resonance in the modern era. You don't have to look far to realise there are man, many people in [the mother and daughter's] poition in the world we live in today. Both [words and pictures] are outstanding. The storytelling is economical and highly effective; the illustrations add depth to the story. A great wee book!'

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