A Path of Encounter

Meditation, Practice, and the Art of Sensing

By Jon McAlice

Format: Paperback

Sheds light on anthroposophy as a method of self-development rather than revelation of spiritual knowledge.

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Is anthroposophy a body of revealed spiritual knowledge, or is it a discipline, a path towards spiritual understanding?

Around the globe, individuals are longing for, and seeking, a deeper understanding of themselves and the world we all inhabit and share.

Starting from the observation that the path toward spiritual understanding described by Rudolf Steiner, as well as the man himself, are widely and variously misunderstood, A Path of Encounter sheds a wealth of much-needed light on this singular method of self-development, as well as on the human being who first trod it.

In a clear, straightforward, and personable style this book introduces and then guides the reader, gently but rigorously, into and through a unique method of spiritual development.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Lindisfarne Books
Publication Date 29 Jan 2016
ISBN 9781584201885

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