A Case of Export

Reflections On A Clydeside Childhood

By John Brown

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In his first book, A Vintage Port, John Brown recalled his early life in Greenock and Port Glasgow - those twin towns clinging to the south bank of the River Clyde - reminiscing about his childhood and early days in Port Glasgow.

Now, in A Case of Export, John continues his story.

Education at Greenock Academy affords him greater opportunities, not only in education but also social activities. The many friends he makes there - fellow students, teachers and ministers - will greatly influenced his subsequent career.

University follows at a time when the computer age is dawning.

The family move to the south of England - opening up job opportunities for both father and son.

After a successful career in electronics, John returns to Scotland, always remembering the humour and way of life of his hometowns even though the twenty-first century has brought great change.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Format Paperback
Imprint Strident Publishing
Publication Date 26 Jun 2014
ISBN 9781909238411
Number of Pages 152

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